Your Guide to Booking a Wedding Car

Every bride and grooms knows that style is everything when it comes to planning a wedding.

From the flowers in your bouquet to the first dance, you have your hands full with making sure every detail is perfect.

One of the most exciting details to decide is whether or not you should hire a chauffeur to transport you around in a formal vehicle on your big day.

You also get to enjoy the fun task of picking out the type of car you want to ride around Sydney in.

The type of vehicle you choose should come down to personal taste, the size of your bridal party and cost.

Are you curious about the options that are available when choosing a classic car hire for your big day?

You’ll be happy to learn that there are attractive options in every price range.

Take a look at what you need to know before you hire a chauffeur to take you on a romantic and elegant journey. You’ll discover the top wedding cars Sydney residents want on their big days.


How would you like to feel like you’re playing out a scene from a classic movie when you drive off into the sunset on your wedding day?

A classic car provides a great way to add a dash of timeless style to your big day without forking over the cost of actually purchasing one for yourself.

You’ll especially love posing for elegant photos next to a classic ride. A classic vehicle works great for a wedding at a country club, beach town or urban setting.

If you have your heart set on making a grand entrance in a classic vehicle, you can choose a Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Bentley or elegant black limo.


If you love a touch of lace and an old-fashioned bow tie, you simply must be driven around in one of the vintage wedding cars sydney residents love most.

Go ahead and enjoy the fun of riding around in a car from a past era without the cost of owning your own vintage garage.

There are many vintage wedding cars Sydney couples can choose that go as far back as the 1920s.

Many models from the 1940s and 1950s can comfortably fit four passengers.

Having a little bit of extra space is ideal if you’re planning to have members of the bridal party chauffeured to the event.

The same vintage wedding cars Sydney couples choose for large groups can also provide relaxing, enchanted and intimate rides for brides and grooms.


There are many beautiful models of American cars that provide a classy way to travel on your big day.

In fact, American models are some of the wedding cars Sydney residents request most. Something like a Cadillac Convertible provides a great way to make a big statement for a low price.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to reserve a ride for just the bride and groom.

Many couples choose to pick out a sporty one-passenger car for the best man or father of the bride to ride in during the festivities.

Having a few stylish vehicles available on the big day can create some very attractive photo opportunities.


A wedding day is a time to let your personality shine. It is also a time to pamper yourself with fun indulgences that you’ve never experienced before.

A novelty vehicle is a great way to create a sense of whimsy on your big day. When it comes to the wedding cars sydney residents have to choose from, there’s almost no limit to how wacky you can get when you plan a novelty ride.

Many of these vehicles are large enough to transport your entire bridal party. The seating capacity of many novelty vehicles makes them a bargain for the price.

Imagine the memorable photos you’ll create when your loved ones board your rental vehicle to pose for some fun shots.

The Joys of Booking a Classic Car Hire

You’ll be surprised to learn that the cost to hire a chauffeur on your wedding day can be very agreeable with your budget.

Booking a Wedding Car

When you book classic car hire, you can pick from vehicles of every size, shape and price range.

Of course, you should also consider the convenience that comes with having a rental vehicle on your wedding day when deciding if the cost works for you.

You’ll definitely enjoy not having to worry about logistics or the price of fuel on your own when you hire a professional driver to get you and your wedding party around.

Author Bio

The author is a leading expert in the formal wedding cars Sydney residents want on their special days.

She specializes in locating vintage wedding cars Sydney residents can use for photo opportunities and transportation.

She has helped countless couples plan magical and memorable wedding days with help from classic car hire services.


Get Yourself a Glamorous yet Cost-Efficient Limo for Your Wedding

Christine and Justin on a glorious day

Everyone wants a perfect wedding. No one wants to feel hassled or inconvenienced during this special day, so everything up to the tiniest detail must be well planned from the dresses to the flowers, venue to the car and so much more. After all, your wedding happens only once in your life, and whether you are the bride or the groom, you want everything to be perfect.

Save Money While You Up the Glam Quotient for Your Big Day!

Looking for suppliers and services to hire on a wedding is quite easy; however, reaching a decision on which one you will choose is quite difficult. You don’t want money to be an issue at all because you’d rather not go cheap on this special day, but it is also important that you get what you have paid for. Though some things need to be bought such as flowers and food, there are other things that can just be rented out like tables and chairs and your car or limo. For affordable yet glamorous car rental service in Sydney, contact Ace American Convertibles.

It’s a Sydney Wedding to remember with Ace American Convertibles

Get an elegant limo for the bride and a classy convertible for the groom. Your dream wedding requires a fancy car of course, and you don’t want to be driving that day so thankfully, Ace American Convertibles comes with a chauffeur as well. The best part is that your chauffeur is more than just a driver. A lady driver is also available to ensure that the bride gets the much-needed lady’s touch as she is transported to the wedding of her dreams. More than just a bridal car rental service, you won’t have to worry about pre-wedding jitters and all the little things as you will be provided with red carpet treatment—champagne, soft drinks, water and appetisers while in location and during the bridal party itself. Even your bouquet will be looked after as chilled water will be sprayed throughout the day to keep the flowers fresh.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Car or Limo from Ace American Convertibles :-

Naturally, rental is a cheaper option than buying a car for your wedding.
Unmatched friendly yet professional service that will keep you calm on your special day.
Choose a car or limo from a range of options that will surely match your needs and you style.

Hassle-free and convenient service is provided on your wedding day.

If you are getting married in Sydney, look no further as Ace American Convertibles will provide you with classy cars and limos and to top that, you get the best service you possibly can from a car for hire. After all, you deserve only the best on your wedding day

Choosing the Best Wedding Cars in Sydney – Your Options

Best Wedding Cars in Sydney

Choosing the transportation for your wedding day is very important. You need to arrive and leave the location of the ceremony in style. The car that you choose should be elegant, reliable and flamboyant. Choosing a car is very essential that some couples simply decide to allow the wedding planner to make the decision. However, as the main ones involved, you may also choose to deal with your own car rentals.

Wedding Car Hire Sydney

One thing that you need to consider is space. Among the obvious choices is Cadillac wedding cars in Sydney.However, if you are working on a budget, you can still get the same elegance with cheap wedding car hire in Sydney. Your selected wedding car should be of the right color so that it can perfectly suit the season as well as your wedding theme.

At the same time, it needs to match the type of style that you have in mind. The color, size and design need to be considered if you want to produce a great impact. You do not have to worry if you are on a low budget. It is possible to get a good car for your big event.

Regardless of the type of wedding car hire that you choose for your big day, you need to make sure that it is very comfortable. This involves taking into consideration the interior and the seat. They should not be too obstructive. Keep in mind that the bridal grown should be very intact and not crumpled. For this very reason, it is very important to visit the company first and then try to feel what it is like to be inside a car.

Choosing a wedding car hire provider in Sydney should be taken very seriously. Keep in mind that it is the primary means with which you can arrive at the wedding ceremony and reception location. It is the type of vehicle that will provide you the transportation you need. Therefore, it should be classy, comfortable and stylish.

Where can you possibly find cheap wedding car hire Sydney? Why not check your options at ACE American Convertibles. Your selection may also vary depending on your preferences as well as budget. Getting affordable options do not mean that the quality is sacrificed. In fact, choosing Cadillac wedding cars Sydney is your best way to go!

Best Wedding Car Hire Service Sydney

Wedding Car Sydney

The Way to Make Your Wedding Special

Are you looking for the perfect car to complete your special day? We have the perfect fit for your wedding to make it special. You will not find cars like ours anywhere else in Sydney, as we have the perfect classic wedding car hire Sydney. When you want to be able to have a high-quality car that will get you to where you need to be, while still looking elegant and picturesque, you have come to the right place. Our cars are top notch and excel in all areas.

About Ace American Convertibles and Our Cars

At Ace American Convertibles, we have the only set of white 1959 Cadillac convertibles that include a super stretch limousine in Sydney. These cars will be able to cater to any size wedding party and give you the perfect backdrop for your wedding memories. Our cars are maintained with the best care possible to make sure that you get the best experience when you are using our classic wedding car hire Sydney services.

Another plus of our cars is that there is a whole fleet, so you look professional and classy driving in your very own convoy. These cars are not only perfect for a wedding car hire, but they can be used for other formal events. They are perfect in every situation that requires a little class and a lot of fun.

Ace American Convertibles was founded in 2002. This fleet started out with only two identical cars that the owners of Ace American Convertible, Diane and Alan had been married in prior to establishing the company, an amazing wedding car hire Sydney service.

Soon afterwards, there was a third car added and transformed, which made the only fleet of identical white 1959 Cadillac Convertibles in all of Sydney. While their reputation for service was recognised a one of a kind Limousine was created, making this fleet completely unique and not something that you will see anywhere else in the world.

Why Our Service?

Our family run business means we offer affordable rates for wedding car hire in Sydney allowing you to have the wedding of your dreams, without the price tag that would usually come along with it. We want you to create memories and don’t want you to have to compromise anything your dream wedding should be.

Hiring cars should be as easy as getting what your heart desires from us because we will provide top-quality service as well as a price that is reasonable.

Cadillac Convertible for Wedding Photo shoots

Best wedding car service

A Unique Way to Spice up Your Wedding Photos

You’ve bought the dress and tux, you’ve hooked up your bridesmaids and groomsmen, your invitations have been sent, and your location is picked out, complete with flower arrangements and colour schemes. You’ve thought of everything, and you are more than ready for your big day. Weddings are still one of the most important ceremonies of union in the world, and everyone is striving to make theirs a truly unique and personal experience, so when the day arrives and you have all of your own custom arrangements in place and it is time to get from home to the ceremony are you going to have the run about photo shoot? Heck no. Do you want to show up in just a basic limo? Not a chance. You need something unique, something flashy, and something that is going to highlight and inspire, proving that your wedding day was pristine and not just another wedding. If that’s what you’re looking for, you need to throw classic cars in the mix which can easily be done with white 1959 Cadillacs. Look to Ace American Convertibles, the best place to go for hiring a classic wedding car in Sydney.

Why Ace American Convertibles?

Established in 2002, Ace American Convertibles has by far one of the most impressive line-ups of Cadillac convertibles out there and should be your go to for Cadillac wedding cars in Sydney. Their matching fleet of white 1959 Cadillac convertibles are going to turn heads from the minute they arrive at your wedding to every time someone passes the framed photo on the wall or desk. One of the main reasons they are so successful is their unique selection. Sure you can go and get a Hummer or a Chrysler, but why? Make an entrance and spice up those timeless photos with something unique and truly one (or in this case 3) of a kind. Their Caddies are breathtakingly beautiful, and the exquisite attention to detail in the design of the cars is unparalleled. The convertibles can seat up to 5 passengers comfortably, with three passengers in the bench seat in the back, with two more in the front plus the driver. Even their colour schemes will fit right in, with white and silver upholstery and chrome accessories that will enhance the glamour factor and compliment any dress colour.

Whether you need one car for the bridal convoy or the entire fleet for the whole wedding party, Ace American Convertibles’s easy booking protocol will ensure that you get exactly what you ask for, and with your very own uniformed chauffer available to pick you up and drop you off and treat you to some champagne refreshments and appetisers, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Give your wedding the finishing touch that only a classic wedding car can give, a unique, edgy brilliance that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Classic Car Hire Service in Sydney

Cadillac Convertibles

Do you want to stand out from the crowd when your special moment arrives? While everyone else is driving around common limousines and being the same, you can cruise up in a stylish classic car or Australia’s only Super sized 1959 Stretch Cadillac limousine that is in an elite class of its own that is unique and different. When you want to drive away from your wedding in an amazing car that will be remembered, you will definitely want to consider ACE American convertibles. We specialise in Formal Car hire Sydney and will be sure to get you where you want to go in style and class.

Why Classic Cars?

Having a classic car will mark you as someone with impeccable old-style taste. When its your special day and you drive away in a eye catching classic car, you will be sure to impress onlookers. Wedding Car Hire Sydney has the perfect car for you just waiting to be hired. Our services don’t stop at weddings. They also extend into other formal events and photo shoots where you need a stylish and old-style car that will make onlookers glance at you and your car twice. If you are looking for a Formal Car Hire Sydney, you have come to the right place. We will be able to provide you with a car that will suit your situation and your needs perfectly.

Our Classic Cars

ACE American Convertibles has the only matching set of 1959 Cadillac’s in all of Sydney. We have three white 1959 Convertible Cadillacs that are identical, which can be catered to any sized party. These are the perfect cars for a Formal Car Hire Sydney because they will look stylish and classic at the same time. In addition to our three convertibles, we also have a 1959 super stretch Limousine. This will make your experience whatever it may be an exciting and unique adventure.

Why ACE American Convertibles?

This company was formed in 2002, with two of the identical Cadillacs that the owners, Diane and Alan had been married in previously. A third was soon adopted, and the super stretch was created shortly afterwards. Our service is successful because of the unique quality of our selection and the quality of service we provide.We also give a one of a kind experience through our service. You can hire a limousine anywhere, but it won’t be like the Super Stretch ’59 Cadillac limousine.

When you are looking for a Formal Car Hire Sydney, this is the best place to come. Our service is unparalleled, we care about our customers by providing them service and style of a Classic car hire that exceeds their expectations. Contact us today to make memories that will last forever.