Your Guide to Booking a Wedding Car

Every bride and grooms knows that style is everything when it comes to planning a wedding.

From the flowers in your bouquet to the first dance, you have your hands full with making sure every detail is perfect.

One of the most exciting details to decide is whether or not you should hire a chauffeur to transport you around in a formal vehicle on your big day.

You also get to enjoy the fun task of picking out the type of car you want to ride around Sydney in.

The type of vehicle you choose should come down to personal taste, the size of your bridal party and cost.

Are you curious about the options that are available when choosing a classic car hire for your big day?

You’ll be happy to learn that there are attractive options in every price range.

Take a look at what you need to know before you hire a chauffeur to take you on a romantic and elegant journey. You’ll discover the top wedding cars Sydney residents want on their big days.


How would you like to feel like you’re playing out a scene from a classic movie when you drive off into the sunset on your wedding day?

A classic car provides a great way to add a dash of timeless style to your big day without forking over the cost of actually purchasing one for yourself.

You’ll especially love posing for elegant photos next to a classic ride. A classic vehicle works great for a wedding at a country club, beach town or urban setting.

If you have your heart set on making a grand entrance in a classic vehicle, you can choose a Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Bentley or elegant black limo.


If you love a touch of lace and an old-fashioned bow tie, you simply must be driven around in one of the vintage wedding cars sydney residents love most.

Go ahead and enjoy the fun of riding around in a car from a past era without the cost of owning your own vintage garage.

There are many vintage wedding cars Sydney couples can choose that go as far back as the 1920s.

Many models from the 1940s and 1950s can comfortably fit four passengers.

Having a little bit of extra space is ideal if you’re planning to have members of the bridal party chauffeured to the event.

The same vintage wedding cars Sydney couples choose for large groups can also provide relaxing, enchanted and intimate rides for brides and grooms.


There are many beautiful models of American cars that provide a classy way to travel on your big day.

In fact, American models are some of the wedding cars Sydney residents request most. Something like a Cadillac Convertible provides a great way to make a big statement for a low price.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to reserve a ride for just the bride and groom.

Many couples choose to pick out a sporty one-passenger car for the best man or father of the bride to ride in during the festivities.

Having a few stylish vehicles available on the big day can create some very attractive photo opportunities.


A wedding day is a time to let your personality shine. It is also a time to pamper yourself with fun indulgences that you’ve never experienced before.

A novelty vehicle is a great way to create a sense of whimsy on your big day. When it comes to the wedding cars sydney residents have to choose from, there’s almost no limit to how wacky you can get when you plan a novelty ride.

Many of these vehicles are large enough to transport your entire bridal party. The seating capacity of many novelty vehicles makes them a bargain for the price.

Imagine the memorable photos you’ll create when your loved ones board your rental vehicle to pose for some fun shots.

The Joys of Booking a Classic Car Hire

You’ll be surprised to learn that the cost to hire a chauffeur on your wedding day can be very agreeable with your budget.

Booking a Wedding Car

When you book classic car hire, you can pick from vehicles of every size, shape and price range.

Of course, you should also consider the convenience that comes with having a rental vehicle on your wedding day when deciding if the cost works for you.

You’ll definitely enjoy not having to worry about logistics or the price of fuel on your own when you hire a professional driver to get you and your wedding party around.

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She specializes in locating vintage wedding cars Sydney residents can use for photo opportunities and transportation.

She has helped countless couples plan magical and memorable wedding days with help from classic car hire services.